Have you heard of hypnobirthing and wondering just what it involves? There are many misconceptions around hypnobirthing – for example: that it is a method of pain relief, only used for home births, it is airy fairy hippy nonsense. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Many people worry that the word ‘hypno’ in hypnobirthing means that you will be hypnotised and completely out of control, leading to you behaving in a crazy way – but this is ‘stage hypnosis’ and a million miles from what you will experience in hypnobirthing. The ‘hypno’ part of hypnobirthing is actually tapping in to your subconscious mind through deep relaxation and the powerful use of words to release any fears you may have surrounding birth and in turn building your confidence in your ability to birth your baby in the way your body was designed to do so. During these relaxations you will remain in full control and will not be clucking around the room like a chicken!

Sadly, in recent years birth has become more and more medicalised and with the negative publicity from the media has created a general fear of childbirth for so many women. In Dr Grantley Dick-Read’s book, ‘Childbirth Without Fear’ he explores the theory of the fear-tension-pain cycle. In short, if we are afraid of birth, our bodies will be tense & this tension leads to pain. If women were able to have faith in their bodies & confidence in their natural ability to birth their babies, they would not fear it. If they are not fearing it they will not be tense but instead relaxed and promoting the right hormones to work with their body in labour rather than against it. This in turn would drastically reduce the sensation of pain and would lead to a far more comfortable, easier and usually quicker experience for the mother and baby.

As well as exploring the connection between the mind and body and the impact that has on your whole birthing experience, we will also be studying the physiology of labour and birth and what really happens to your body during this magical event.

During the course we will work together to build you a ‘toolkit’ and gain the following life-changing skills:

  • releasing fears & building confidence
  • replacing negativity with positivity
  • feeling empowered to make the right choices for you
  • techniques for deep relaxation
  • how to use breathing and visualisations during labour
  • to believe in your body & your natural ability to birth
  • to trust your instincts & listen to your baby
  • … and much more!

The KG Hypnobirthing Course I offer is an RCM accredited, complete antenatal course and is the only course you will need to go forward with confidence to have a calm, peaceful birth that is right for you. The course is extremely thorough yet taught in a way that is simple, logical and most importantly enjoyable for Mum, birth partner and baby too!

As part of the course you will also receive your own copy of The Hypnobirthing Book and the relaxation audio. To get a sneak preview of the first chapter, click here!